Dr. Flori LAM
Hong Kong

Ms. Flori LAM is Pain Management Nurse Consultant in Kowloon Central Cluster since 2017. She graduated with the Bachelor of Health Science of Nursing and obtained the Master degree in Counselling in 2006 and Master Degree in Health Management in 2017. And, she graduated with the Doctoral degree of Business Administration in 2019. She is a Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Nursing in the Specialty of Perioperative.

She is the member of working group on HA guideline for Chronic Opioid Therapy in Chronic Non-Cancer Pain, Chronic Pain Board Game Design, Electronic Acute Pain Management and Chronic Pain Management form. Ms. Lam is the editor of chronic pain patient education video 《4分鐘認識痛症》and chronic pain book 《痛症實用小士 》to promotes pain education in Hong Kong. Ms. Lam has taught in various professional training courses in Hong Kong, Macau and China.  Over the years, Ms. Lam has developed rapports with chronic pain patients and multidisciplinary team.

Challenges and Opportunities: The Roles of Pain Nurse in Chronic Pain Management in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Pain Service has emerged as a crucial component of healthcare in the region. With a growing aging population and an increasing prevalence of chronic pain, the demand for specialized pain management services has become more pressing. Pain Management is a multidisciplinary approach to ensures comprehensive and holistic care for patients suffering from acute or chronic pain conditions. The service encompasses a wide range of treatment options, including medication, physical therapy, psychological interventions, interventional procedures and patients’ collaboration.

Nurse plays a pivotal role in enhancing healthcare by addressing the complex nature of pain and its impact on individuals' physical, psychological, and social well-being. The development of pain nursing has been influenced by various factors, including advancements in healthcare, changes in patient demographics, and an increasing emphasis on patient-centered care.

One of the key developments in pain management services is the establishment of specialized pain nurse clinics. These clinics provide a dedicated space for pain management, allowing patients to receive comprehensive care from pain nurses, pain specialists, physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals. The integration of pain nurse services within these clinics has been instrumental in enhancing the quality of pain management. The key benefit of the nursing services is its ability to effectively manage chronic pain by early assess, regular monitor and refer to an appropriate pathway. Furthermore, pain management nursing focuses on patient education and self-management. Patients are empowered with knowledge and techniques. The approach encourages individuals to actively participate in their own care, leading to better treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. Another critical success factor is that efforts should be made to raise public awareness about the importance of pain management and the roles of pain nurses. Public education campaigns can help dispel misconceptions about pain, encourage early reporting of pain symptoms, and promote a multidisciplinary approach.