International Faculty
Prof. Davy CHENG (China)
Prof. Sophia Tsong-Huey CHEW (Singapore)
Dr. Chris COKIS (Australia)
Dr. Robbie ERSKINE (United Kingdom)
Prof. Gregory HAMMER (USA)
Dr. Helen HANN (United Kingdom)
Prof. Peter KAM (Australia)
Prof. Tae-Yop KIM (Korea)
Dr. David LEVY (United Kingdom)
Prof. Jungchan PARK (Korea)
Prof. Philip PENG (Canada)
Dr. Clifford L SHELTON (United Kingdom)
Mr. Murtuza SIKANDER (United Kingdom)
Dr. David WHITAKER (United Kingdom)
Prof. Wei-Feng YU (China)

Local Faculty
Dr. Albert CHAN
Dr. Eva CHAN
Ms. Evelyn CHAN
Dr. King-Chung CHAN
Dr. Lut-Ming CHAN
Dr. Timmy CHAN
Prof. Ka-Wang CHEUNG
Dr. Angela Hoi-Woon HO
Dr. Danny IP
Prof. TK IU
Dr. Alison KOO
Dr. Flori LAM
Dr. Candice LAU
Ms. Ka-Lai LAW
Mr. Dennis LEE
Dr. Paul LEE
Dr. Rowena LEE
Prof. Gilberto LEUNG
Dr. Philip LI
Dr. Frances LUI
Dr. Andy NG
Dr. Kai-Cheuk SIN
Dr. Hoi-Ping SHUM
Dr. Hing-Yu SO
Dr. Zoey TAM
Dr. Man-Chun WONG
Dr. Raymond Siu-Ming WONG
Dr. Wing-Wa YAN
Dr. Vivian YUEN

International Workshop Instructors / Facilitators
Prof. João Batista BORGES (Prague)
Prof. Gregory HAMMER (USA)
Prof. Philip PENG (Canada)

Workshop Instructors / Facilitators
Dr. Diane CHAN
Dr. Lily CHAN
Ms. Oi-Lam CHAN
Ms. Carol CHEUNG
Dr. Michelle CHEUNG
Dr. Eric CHUNG
Dr. Anna FUNG
Dr. Eunise Wing-Sze HO
Dr. Gladys Wai-Man KWAN
Dr. Flori LAM
Dr. Jo LAM
Dr. Jacky LI
Dr. Debriel OR
Dr. Amy POON
Dr. Kin-Bong TANG
Dr. Sherry TANG
Dr. Fiona TSUI
Dr. Henry WONG
Dr. Jerry WONG
Dr. Aaron Chee-Lun YING
Dr. Sunny Yu-Yeung YIP

Faculty list: as of 11 November 2023.
The faculty list is subject to change without prior notice.