Mr. Dennis Pik-Kin LEE
Hong Kong

Mr. Dennis Lee currently serves as the Senior System Manager for Artificial Intelligence Systems of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority.  He current work involve developing the Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Platform to streamline data acquisition for facilitating HA data analysis, develop Hospital Command Center dashboards, and solution deployment for Artificial Intelligence.  Mr. Lee leads the Corporate Project management office and as program managers for several large scale system implementations under IT&HI division.

AI Development and Data Collaboration in Hospital Authority

With the ever increasing demand and aging population, it is envisioned that adoption of AI technology will support Hospital Authority to tackle various strategic service challenges and deliver improvements.  HA has setup AI Strategy and begun setup process & infrastructure to support AI development and delivery.   The establishment of AI Lab and AI delivery center is aimed to flourish AI innovations by engaging internal and external collaboration for Proof of Concept development; and also to build data and integration pipeline to validate AI solution and integrate into the HA services at scale.

Over the past year, many clinical and non-clinical AI solutions have been developed and deployed to HA Services with significant outcome including improve Clinical Quality and improve hospital efficiency.

Hospital Authority will continue to engage internal community for AI technology adoption and external communities for AI solution to support HA Service improvement; relieving frontline workloads via AI research under AI Lab and collaborate with ecosystem partners to develop more AI Innovations.