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Deadline for Abstract Submission:
19 September 2022
Deadline for Early-Bird Registration:
19 October 2022


International Faculty
Dr. Kailash BHATIA (United Kingdom)
Dr. Yeow CHAN (Singapore)
Prof Fun-Gee CHEN (Singapore)
Prof. Davy CHENG (China)
Prof. Sophia CHEW (Singapore)
Dr Paul DRAKEFORD (Australia)
Dr. Chris EVANS (United Kingdom)
Prof. Dietmar FRIES (Austria)
Prof. Peter FRYKHOLM (Sweden)
Prof. Adrian GELB (USA)
Prof. Mike GROCOTT (United Kingdom)
Dr. Zhonghui GUAN (USA)
Dr. Ashwini KESHKAMAT (United Kingdom)

Dr. Kirsty MACLENNAN (United Kingdom)
Prof. Ramani MOONESINGHE (United Kingdom)
Dr. Jan Paul MULIER (Belgium)
Prof. Lijian PEI (China)
Prof. Bernhard RIEDEL (Australia)
Dr. Sarah SAXENA (Belgium)
Dr. Cliff SHELTON (United Kingdom)
Dr. Ban-Leong SNG (Singapore)
Prof. Sophie Hyemin SOHN (South Korea)
Dr Yu Lin WONG (Singapore)
Dr. Xu ZHANG (China)
Local Faculty
Dr. Sylvia AU
Dr. Albert CHAN
Dr. King-Chung CHAN
Prof. Matthew CHAN
Dr. Wing-Sang CHAN
Prof. Jonathan CHOI
Dr. Angus CHU
Dr. Mandy CHU
Mr. Cheuk-Wai KAM
Dr. Rowena LEE
Dr Lowell LING
Dr. Frances LUI
Dr. May MAN
Dr. Tony NG
Ms. Peggy TSUNG
Ms. Macky TUNG
Dr. Donovan WONG
Dr. Steven WONG
Prof. William WU
Prof. Li ZHANG
International Workshop Speakers
Dr. Klaus GOERLINGER (Germany)
Dr. Howard WAKELING (United Kingdom)
Workshop Facilitators
Dr. Albert CHAN
Dr. Alex Shing-Chau CHAN
Mr. Charles CHAN
Mr. Ka-Kuen CHAN
Ms. Maggie CHAN
Dr. Tom CHAN
Dr. Will CHAN
Dr. Wing-Sang CHAN
Dr. Benny CHENG
Ms. Celine CHENG
Dr. Gareth CHENG
Dr. Dickson CHEUNG
Dr. Gerund CHEUNG
Dr. Leo CHIU
Mr. Carl CHUNG
Dr. Anna FUNG
Mr. Gordon HUI
Dr. Vansie KWOK
Mr. Amanda LAM
Dr. Carmen LAM

Dr. Vivian LAU
Dr. Aaron LEE
Mr. Andy LEE
Dr. Sunny LEE
Dr. Henry MAK
Dr. Louis MOK
Dr. Clara POON
Dr. Sumire SASAKI
Ms. Jasmine TAM
Dr. Sherry TANG
Mr. Simon TANG
Dr. Jasmin TONG
Dr. Caleb TSANG
Dr. Fiona TSUI
Mr. Ken Long-Hin TUNG
Dr. Wing WONG
Dr Stephen WU
Mr. Jacky YAU

Faculty list: as of 10 November 2022

The faculty list is subject to change without prior notice.